Did you catch Barney today?  Probably not…  but I did so I’ll fill you in.  Baby Bop lost her blankie, prompting much song and dance.  Which got me to thinking…  how old is too old for a blankie?  Actually, this blog was inspired by my oldest daughter who is 8 and still has a blankie.  […]

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Hello Every People.  My name a Morat Notboratnichnov>  I will a tell you many things about the life of the typical people from Liswathistan.  About the culture, people, past times, etc, etc, etc.  I a hope you all enjoy it.My friend also has a blog on this site.  Click here to see it. 

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First Post

This is basically a practice post.  I need to see that I know what I’m doing…  It is so ironic that as I’m learning how to do a blog about how crazy life is with all these kids and all these pets, I’ve had to pause my blog tutorial several times to make lunches, quiet

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Holidays, pronounced “no-pay days” are the bane of a full-time substitute teacher like myself. The pay isn’t that well to begin with and each day off is money left out of the next paycheck. Well, it does mean a day to sleep in and get other things done- like type this blog entry :P. Unabashed

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