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Well, I’m kinda thinking my blog will be a hodgepodge (?) of just about everything I enjoy. I enjoy a good movie (or even some bad movies). Speaking of bad movies, the guy who created Howard the Duck, Steve Gerber, just passed away. Apparently, the comic book from the 70s was a cult hit. Somehow, Mr. George Lucas came up with the brilliant idea that it would make a box-office hit. The movie came out in 1986. The only relatively recognizable actor in it is Lea Thompson (of Back to the Future fame). I believe ol’ George was once again attempting to create a new money making franchise along with the then in-limbo Star Wars saga and the popular Indiana Jones series. Needless to say, Howard the Duck was a miserable flop. It is one of those movies which may be enjoyable with a group of friends who just want to sit around, waste a hour and a half, and laugh at the absurdity. It would also be a great way to relive the culture of the mid-1980s. Big hair, bubble gum pop music, and forgotten actors of the day (whatever became of Lea Thompson?). But, if you want to have a good laugh check out Howard the Duck just to see the duck from outer space rock and roll with Lea Thompson. I think the best part of the movie is the theme song and that is not that great. It sounds like a great movie to watch with your band of theatre chums. Thank you Bryan Times for publishing an article about an otherwise forgettable comic book writer who probably will go down in history for the creation of one of the biggest “Turkeys” or should I say “Ducks” in movie history. I also found out via that Tim Robbins (For comic relief?) also was in it and that no less than 8 actors are credited with playing the title role. Also, may be a good movie for children of all ages to enjoy. A Duck or a Turkey… you decide

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  1. HAHA! We watched that movie when we were little… don’t really remember it… Lea Thompson had a very sucessful tv comedy series in the 90’s called Caroline in the City. Didn’t watch it, so I’m not sure of the dates it ran, but I think it was a hit. Tim Robbins did not play Howard the Duck, did he? So was it a costume or a puppet? That reminds me – we saw Spiderwick Chronicles the other day (I would highly recommend it by the way) and with all the computer animation, it made me think about how Henson’s workshop must be all but out of business by now… Wonder if old Howard is sitting in a museum someplace… maybe the Smithsonian, HAHA. Is it PG or PG-13? Do you recommend it for small children? Might be one to look up at the library…

  2. Howard was a costume worn by 8 different performers at various times during the movie. Upon closer inspection, I believe that the PG rating may have been premature. However, the -13 rating was still new enough that it may have been scared people away.

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