The IMAX almost non- experience


Well, I did it.  I paid the extra bucks to go see Star Trek in IMAX.  As expected, the screen was large, though not superhuge like at Great America when I was growing up (dunno if the screen is still there).  I also noticed that it was curved, but failed to notice if it was silver.  I would guess yes since they bothered to curve it.  Why to I mention this?  Well, because 3D movies utilize a silver, curved screen.  While this was not a 3D movie, there are many IMAX movies that are also 3D, so I would presume this theater is just set up for them when they happen.  Back to topic, once there a half-hour early, the good seats in the theater were already starting to fill up.  I did notice though that they tended to sit not in the true center, but rather the center of the visible image which was not centered but toward the left.  The commercials weren’t in IMAX and probably utilized a different projector entirely.  Once 4:00 rolled around, they dimmed the lights and switched to IMAX for the previews and movie.  Well, they tried.  The audio came out crystal clear, but- no picture.  At first I though this was a preview that just started dark then the picture would kick in at just the right moment, but after a minute (less, really) it became clear the picture wasn’t coming at all.  They eventually stopped it, and I could see several shadows on the screen from the projection area as they tried to figure out the problem.  After several minutes they got  a picture going, but one that was a little out of focus, or rather some color separation.  I heard something move into place and the picture became clear.  Wait, how could I hear it when a preview was going you ask?  Because now it was a picture with no sound!  They froze the picture and worked another few minutes.  Finally, the Harry Potter preview could be seen *and* heard.  Boy, could it be heard- volume a wee bit too high.  It started with color separation again, but once again that was quickly resolved and we were on our way.  We only did see the tail end of the one preview before the movie, and also a commercial which also served as a “silent your cellphone” reminder, but I was just fine with that!  By the time the movie started, the volume level was fine as well.

So, about the movie.  As a Trek fan, I found this movie very enjoyable.  JustJ pretty much covered the basics, so I won’t go there, but I can see how most of the differences would be plausible as (highlight to reveal spoiler) an altered timeline can explain the discrepancies.  Besides JustJ’s one rant, there was a big nitpick I had toward the end though where they used a technology known to be in the next generation but not in the original series (highlight to reveal spoiler rant:)

Eject the warp core?  Really??  What with the change the Romulan ship made would cause the Federation to develop an ejectable warp core so early?  Nothing I saw.

I also see why (highlight… well, you know) they left the new timeline alone rather than fix it, so they can feel unencumbered by Star Trek canon when making future movies.  Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager?  (you know what to do) All in the old timeline now.  Who knows what the future will now bring for the Federation? Oh, one more thing- (yep, again) did anyone else think of the Death Star when they saw you-know-which-planet destroyed?

One slight nitpick left, one I’ve had since The Next Generation- while some may think it’s sexist which is whay they changed it in the first place, to be PC, but I really think …where no man has gone before fits better than …where no one has gone before.  Why?  Simply put, at least “man” can only mean human, if only just half the population, while “one” refers to everyone- human, vulcan, klingon, and every species they have not yet met.  They are going where no human has been, or no Federation citizen, but most places have had someone go there before- the local sentient life, whoever they may be.  So, a slight nitpick but valid I think.

Was it worth the extra price to see it in IMAX?  Maybe.  Once they got it together over there it really did look nice, and Star Trek is just the type of show to look great on the large screen.  Certainly I wouldn’t go to see just any show in IMAX, but for this one I think I can say I was glad to see it in IMAX.  The only other show this year I know for certain I will see in the theater is Harry Potter 6, but I think I will save money on that and see it in the local theater.  I wonder if the price is still under $7?  I’ll find out.

8 thoughts on “The IMAX almost non- experience”

  1. I agree… the movie must be an “event” movie for me to consider the extra amount, but since I don’t forsee traveling 3.5 hours away anytime soon….

  2. I’m sure that is why the one word was changed from the iconic phrase “where no man has gone before” to be more PC back in 1987. and the necessity to have Kirk sign off with it at the end of ST VI. Sometimes I think PCers get a bit carried away.

  3. yes indeed. Wonder if that was a Shat thing or actually as written, either was seems plausible 😀

  4. I agree – people get carried away with being PC. As a woman, the old Star Trek line does not offend me. I too take it to mean “man” as meaning “mankind”, but oh well. I like how you do your spoilers!
    There is not an IMAX closer than 3.5 hrs away? Toledo, Detroit, anywhere?

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