Memory not as sharp as it used to be?


Memory for remembering scripts that is.  We all know about my memory for names and faces by now.  Memorizing scripts used to be a breeze, but now I just can’t seem to get it right.  I had two weeks this time, and it was better, but I still changed a few of my lines because I couldn’t quite remember them.  I know part of this is actual rehearsal time- we seem to be able to run through it an average of 1.5 times before the performance- but even with this handicap I feel I had a better handle on the memorization at the beginning of the year.

Today we also had a crisis getting props together.  There was supposed to be a squirt gun, for example, but I had to improvise by using a flashlight instead (cool flashlight by the way, in the shape of a cordless drill so I think it worked).  Also I had to make a backpack have some semblance of a rocket jet pack using some printed graphics and rolled-up paper tubes.  Of course the tape on this and another prop failed.  I will have to bring duct tape for the two groups tomorrow.

And now, I have to study the lesson for tomorrow’s 4th/5th grade class- it is my turn to teach again, and this time I have more than a half-hour notice so it needs to sound like it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Memory not as sharp as it used to be?”

  1. Ahhhhh….. the joys of memorization. I dunno why it is but I always get upset with myself if I am not off book before anyone else. Even after going to the theatre just to get the script for LW last week, I spent an hour just looking at my part immediately after I returned. WHO DOES THAT?!

  2. You do, apparently. 😀

    This is something I will have to start doing, it looks like. This next script worries me- I really hope he gets it to us tomorrow so I can start looking at it. This is our rehearsal week (once a month) and usually they hand us the next three or four scripts at once, giving us only three days to memorize the first! I have succeeded in the past, but with my memory the way is has been lately, who knows this time?

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