Hi Griffin, meet Griffin


Well, the new pump is installed and cleanup continues.  We picked up some wet items from downstairs and put them outside to dry, afterwhich we’ll try washing them.  The second dehumidifier which I said doesn’t work actually seems to after all.  It just draws a lot of power.  I switched it to another outlet and it worked fine, didn’t trip the circuit breaker.  However, I used an extension cord with it, an office-style 3-prong job, and the connector area got pretty warm.  Now I know that the dehumidifier says not to use an extension cord, but the cord they provide is short, and with the basement outlets set high I have to have to have the dehumidifier practically against the wall in order to plug it in, but it seems that’s what I will have to do.

Anyway, on to the headline.  I was at a restaurant tonight and I overheard an encounter between two dads and their boys, both named Griffin.  I have encountered boys with this name, but not two at once.  It was a surprise to the dads too.  One is seven and the other nine, so they are still quite young which is my experience as I haven’t known any older boys or men with that name, though it’s possible some that I met are teens now.  According to Behind the Name, the name Griffin has ranked in the mid 200’s for the last decade, with its peak in 1998 at 215.  The year before, it was at 225 with the popularity going down drastically with the years going back.  Before the 80’s, it doesn’t rank at all.  I bring up 1997 specifically because a certain event happened that may have improved the popularity of the name somewhat.  That event being the release of the first book in a series of seven.  The book I speak of is of course Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone.  While not a main character’s name, or any character that I can recall for that matter, the name of his house was Griffyndor, and I believe they did encounter a griffin (the mythical beast, not someone with the name) in the first book, though it could have been one of the next few.  Is it a stretch to tie this book with the name?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I think I’ve written enough on it though.

Today I had no job, but then one district had two days off due to flooding (the town is by a river) and another I am still waiting for my login info for, which the woman I talked to said would be a couple of weeks due to limited time processing new subs and taking it in order of hire.  I do have a full day tomorrow though so perhaps something to write about.  Until then.

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  1. Stay dry! My cousin’s husband sent me pics of the Des Plaines / Schiller Park area – they look SO flooded! It took him 3 hours to get to work last week! Luckily he has a forgiving employer who didn’t count it against him.

  2. Apparently, parts of Columbus is out of power due to storms. Our local postmaster received 8 visitors Monday and they are not expected to have power until Sunday. We are lucky.

  3. Okay, I think I am confusing it with one of Hagrid’s beasts, a hippogriff. From Wikipedia:

    > Buckbeak
    > Buckbeak along with eleven other hippogriffs, is introduced
    > during one of Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures classes.
    > Hagrid explains that hippogriffs are very calm, powerful giants,
    > but are touchy creatures and demand respect. Harry
    > successfully approaches Buckbeak, who allows him to ride him
    > around the paddock.

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