Mark your calendars


The day: August 27

The show: Mythbusters

The myth: Was the moon landing faked?

That’s right.  The Mythbusters, famous for taking on myths of all sizes, are taking on the giant-sized myth that says the original USA moon landing was faked.  As it has not aired yet and their findings have not been revealed, this news is completely unbiased for those on both sides of the fence.  Yes, there have been documentaries on this topic, but they didn’t involve Adam and Jamie, now did they? 😆

Here’s some sneak previews I ran across:

6 thoughts on “Mark your calendars”

  1. ok… so either we will either have more fascinating debate or either one of our fellow bloggers will concede, but i just don’t see that happening?

  2. You can find it posted to the internet the next day. I use newsgroups, but peer-to-peer has it as well, bittorrent being probably the most popular. I suppose if worse comes to worse, I could record it and send you the disc.

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