Breaking records….


The newest Batman movie
The Dark Knight
has been breaking all kinds of earning records. The powers of the movie industry do not think that Batman will break the current $ record held by Titanic, a movie I never saw by the way (the boat sinks), but it has a good chance of catching up to the Original Star Wars movie.

But I did some searching, and found out that adjusted for inflation, The Dark Knight is currently in 58th place. The #1 show is Gone with the Wind. #2 is Star Wars.

Just some cool things I found out at Box Office Mojo. If your interested in box office takes at all, this is one very interesting site. They had breakdowns on the days of the week, time of the year and movie ratings. I may spend a little more time there looking for trivial information. (That may help in some games!!)

5 thoughts on “Breaking records….”

  1. Yep, I knew they didn’t adjust those dollars for inflation whenever they talk about a movie breaking records. I never bothered to verify what I “knew” mind you, 😆 so thanks for the proof.

  2. Of course before the inflation issue arose, most of the top movies played before such terms as “muliplex” and “blockbuster” were created. Movies like Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music (number 5, I believe), and others were shown for months in first-run. Then along came Star Wars. I still do not understand how Titanic was so popular (adolescent infatuation)… the boat sank.

  3. The Dark Knight is on top for 4 weeks in a row. Last show to do that was “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”. Does this mean they should do a Batman 3? Actually seeing the reception for both of these Batman shows, I can’s see them not doing #3.

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