Mother/daughter banquet


Today is the Mother/daughter banquet at church. I am not very thrilled about it. Firstly, because I had to pay $11 for a stupid ticket even though I will not eat the food they are serving. I asked if I could pay for the child’s ticket, since I most likely would be eating the kids food and about as much as they would eat, but of course, that did not go over very well. And I had to buy a ticket because I have to be there! I am in a women’s enasamble at church and we are singing at the Mother/daughter banquet, so it would not have been very good if I did not show up. 🙁 Then I have to wear a dress or skirt to this thing. The theme is God’s Little Princess. Well, God loves us even if we do not wear pretty dresses and stuff. He made us all different and yet, we all are supposed to wear pretty clothes to this banquet. Though it is giving me another excuse to make a new memory with my prom dress!

Though that $11 for a stupid meal is still getting to me! I do not eat very much and I am a very picky eater. I saw the meal menu and what can I say besides… EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!

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  1. What’s the menu? Can you take a doggy bag out to someone who would eat the food? $11 is something you could have talked to your dad about hmmm. GET a picture of you in the dress, that is a historical moment 🙂 .

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