I have yet to introduce myself and I guess there is no better time like the present. I live in the middle of a forest and I love it. The sound of the frogs in the spring has to be one of my favorite sounds when I’m falling asleep. One must understand that frogs are my favorite animal and has been for as long as I can remember. I am the third daughter out of four, though two of my sisters have moved out and are married, so it’s only my dad, younger sister, and myself. Though in all reality, I am rarely home myself between school and spending time with my boyfriend.

Let’s see, other interesting facts about me… I love to write and that is one of the best ways for me to get things off my chest. I have started so many stories, but have yet to finish one and get it published. 🙁 I am hoping to do just that this summer. At least, get one finished. I love animals and am hoping to have a husky, hedgehog, rabbit, chinchilla, cat, frog, and any other cute animals I can come up with and get people to let me have.

I have joined a Baptist church last year, though I do not agree with everything that they teach there. There is no way to agree with everything, in my opinion. I may move onto another church, but this one works for me at the moment and I love the people there! I guess that will do for now.

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