Something (Truly) Evil’s Lurking In The Dark

So… what is a has been, reclusive, much ridiculed performer to do with any shred of dignity he has left to him? Revisit his heyday and make a Broadway musical of it, of course.  For the first time in a few years, Michael Jackson has reemerged (or at least given a statement) that he will be working with the prestigious  Nederlander Organization on a fully realized musical adaptation of the iconic tune and music video Thriller (Oh, help).  The tale of boy meets girl, boy and girl go to a scary movie, and boy has a big, dark, hairy secret.  Wacko Jacko will be involved in the entire production in what capacity has yet to be  released.  This will probably depend upon the performers willingness to come out of his plastic bubble (oops… that was another story).  Is it just me or does it seem that even Broadway is going back to the 80s along with all other forms of entertainment?  The British stage show, Thriller Live, (a musical based on the life of Jackson… HELP, AGAIN!) has been playing to audiences across the pond since 2006.  Let the bashing (or support… I do not wish to alienate any legitimate readers) begin.  I wonder how far into the story the British extravaganza goes.  I wonder if Thriller will come up with a clever way to resurrect Vincent Price (not only his voice)… that would be a thrill.

6 thoughts on “Something (Truly) Evil’s Lurking In The Dark”

  1. Oh perfect… it’s an era where many Broadway classics are closing their doors because of the terrible economy, so they create a new show? And it doesn’t even sound like it’s going to be a good one.

  2. My thought exactly… close creative shows to bring in something that most people have already seen and heard and to once again showcase something that should have been laid to rest long ago.

  3. Yes indeed, the King of Pop is being sued by the Thriller video director, John Landis for not receiving his share of the profits from the video. This comes 25 years following the video’s debut.

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