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Tonight was the first night that the fun began to take shape at rehearsals.  Especially when you are with a new cast, it does take a few rehearsals to get acquainted.  But I was greatly impressed with the two youngest girls who have for the most part memorized each of the songs they are part of at least in the first act..  “Tootie” has an adorable solo all to herself which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  She also has a cute little choreographed ditty with sisters “Esther” and “Agnes.”  And the two young ladies looked great while the older sister admitted that she did not know the steps as well.  But it really looked good for the second week of rehearsals.

As for GRANDPA, let me just say, the director has given me a very long leash from which to create the character and there is a lot to give character to.  In fact, Mr. Prophater is in a scene with the young ladies in the family room in which he has no dialogue.  I was quick to ask… what is he supposed to be doing?  “You’ll think of something.”  My eyes lit up and I felt a rather mischievous grin come upon my face.  COOL

Given the fact that we were practicing in a very small music room in a church while the theatre was being used for another production, we had very limited space to choreograph our on stage movement but we managed to basically take a stab at entrances and minimal (dare I say) dancing.  But I have some ideas during the title song to interact with the family octet.. pending director’s approval of course.  Guidelines:  Grandpa is a rather eccentric old man.  Lots of Possibilities.

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  1. Oh my!!! Quick give all of the WCCT members the name and phone number of the director in Hicksville. They don’t know you there. Giving you free reign in your first play at Hicksville. And I won’t be able to see it. 😉

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