Wall-E World


No, I am not talking about Wal-Mart. This summer’s Pixar release is called Wall-E. I know very little about it other than it concerns a robot. Apparently, reaction to the concept and promotional tools has prompted talk of a remake of another masterpiece concerning a robot. That fantastic tale of Number Johnny 5 in Short Circuit (and its sequel).

For the uninitiated, Short Circuit stars Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy. The real star of the movie is a military prototype robot that is struck by lightning thereby giving the machine human personality. While on the run from his military masters, Number 5 is taken in by an animal loving peace fanatic. The robot immerses himself in culture primarily found through the television. He develops an affinity for The Three Stooges and learns to dance like John Travolta by watching Saturday Night Fever. The robot and his friend attempt to convince his creator and the entire military that he in fact is alive.

Although, it is cheesy and the special effects are quite dated. Short Circuit is good fun. “You’re mama was a snowblower.”

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  1. So are they going to remake Short Circuit? Guess I could look it up on imdb myself… but I’m just asking you instead!

  2. According to imdb it is scheduled for release sometime in 2008…. we will see….I remember the awful sequel.

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