They’re Looking For A Few Good Souls


Here’s one for your next game of Balderdash. Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. The title alone says it all. A gang of female motorcyclists are the only thing that stand between a horde of zombies who have (acidentally of course) been let out of their secret cave and are heading to a nearby town to wreak havoc. Sounds like a thrill a minute.

This epic, direct-to-video masterpiece was written and directed by one of the masters, Dan Hoskins who was also responsible for that other one great cinematic achievement, Pretty Smart. Both of these must-see extravaganzas have some recognizable names in the cast. In Chopper Chicks, we have Billy Bob Thornton, Lewis Arquette (who has a long list of other acting gigs, most notably guest appearances on tv shows), and Martha Quinn (who many will remember in her days as a founding VJ in the previously mentioned days when MTV still was Music Television). The all-star cast of Pretty Smart includes Patricia Arquette (daughter of Lewis and brother of David) and Joely Fisher.

So for an evening of prime video entertainment or for synopses of “Marvelous Movies” don’t forget the Chopper Chicks protecting us all from the approaching zombies. But be warned, they are NOT readily available from nor probably any other retail chain. So if you are one of the select few who own a copy, consider yourself luck?

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