Time and Numbers


Every so often I write something to try to get some of the lurkers, who read my blog, to stop and say hi. This is another of those posts.

I am a numbers person, so I am fascinated by the statistics that are generated for this blog. Some topics seem to bring more people. Books, Haunted houses, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Moon Landings are all big draws. Big of course is a relative term. This blog has been averaging about 15 readers per day. My maximum in 1 day (that I know of) was just over 80. The average this week was around 25. I realize that some of the ‘readers’ I am seeing are just robots or data mining sites, but when they find something that, in the programming, is found interesting, they leave blog replies. Some of the people who come to read just won’t do it.

I know a couple of the ‘shy’ people, and I don’t really expect replies from them (they know who they are). There are others that I think would be very interesting to hear from.

Things I would like to know about you. How did you find this blog? What do you want to read here? What country/state are you from? Do you come back often? Am I boring you? Just pop in to say hello. Again, until you are ‘vetted’ (good political term, no?) your replies will only be seen by me, or maybe the owner of the place, he once ‘hacked’ in for a April Fools joke… But he is a good friend of mine, almost like a long lost brother. So if you don’t want them to be seen, let me know in the response, and I’ll get rid of it. Me, I’m just curious…

Other things I want to know. Why is a site in Russia interested in my blogs on Superman Movies? Why isn’t the same site interested in Batman? Just wondering..

This is just stuff I was thinking about this Saturday morning…

Loaded with tags, just for fun? Just having a bit of fun, that’s what blogging is all about.

6 thoughts on “Time and Numbers”

  1. You told me about your blog. I like reading stuff about your daughters, movies, things we do together. I’m from Ohio. I come back all the time. You’re not boring me. Hello. Maybe Superman is more a part of Russia’s pop culture than Batman? I don’t know.

  2. Speaking of Superman and Russia, there was a graphic novel that told a what if… “What if instead of a small farm in Kansas, Kal-El’s spacecraft actually landed in Communist Russia.” I always thought it would be interesting to search this out and see how the character would be different than the good ol days when he championed the “truth, justice, and the American way.”

  3. You know who I am, I link to it from Jenny’s, You know where I am from, more so then Jenny. I don’t think I should call you boring, seeing as I am going to be part of your family as an In-law, in the Near Distant Future

  4. Ok, so the regular to semi-regular posters have appeared, what about the never posted before readers?

    Tony, don’t worry about it, you can call me boring if you like, I won’t hold that against you. I don’t really believe in the in-law bit. You’re either family or you’re not. Since my daughter is happy with you, you’re family. Get used to it… Yes, that can be considered a promise, threat, or any thing you like. 😉

  5. Hi justj-

    Answers to your questions: I found your blog through ywbb. I’ve been reading the widowed life posts and coffee posts just now, and I’m from Maryland.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog.


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