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In honor of the opening of the 22nd Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, I will be asking my readers (some of whom are fans, some who have never seen a Bond movie, and others who could give a flying fig) a series of questions.  The new film will hold the distinction of being the first direct sequel… following soon after the events in Casino Royale .  I also found what appears to be a cool official 007 site full of facts, chat forums, etc.  But to the nitty gritty.  Please tell me your pick for the Best James Bond film… also your pick for the Worst Of The Series.

My personal favorite is From Russia With Love.  It was only the second film in the franchise but it set the tone for those that followed.  It had the best Bond (Sean Connery), one of the best Bond girls (Tatiana Romanova), the best MacGuffin, and one of the most ingenious devices created by Q Branch (the attache case).  The evil henchwoman (Rosa Klebb) was also one of the best.  (“She had her kicks.”)

Unfortunately, there have been some stinkers in the series as well.  A View to a Kill may have given the US its first number one Bond theme single (by Duran Duran) but the rest was just not good.  Roger Moore had outlived his welcome in the role (he should have had his license to kill revoked after Octopussy).  Christopher Walken was just too over the top (in a long list of over the top villains).    Tanya Roberts was totally wrong as the girl.  And gargantuan 80s icon Grace Jones did not a memorable henchwoman make.

So, there are my picks for best and worst Bond movies.  Sometime, I will plan to see the latest film in theatres and see if Daniel Craig will be able to endear himself more in the role.  He still hasn’t totally won me over, but it is only his second outing as 007.

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  1. I’ll have to think about that. I agree that Sean Connery (when younger) was the best Bond. However, when he returned for after Lazenby, he just didn’t have it anymore. Roger Moore, campy Bond, a lot of his Bond films were forgettable. I just saw the Lazenby Bond once, so I can’t say much about it. Then there was Timothy Dalton, two films, somewhat dark after the Moore shows. Back to a lighter Bond with Brosnan. First Brosnan film (GoldenEye) puts Pierce as my second favorite Bond. Craig (if he makes more than two films) is working his way up to #3 for me. #3 currently is Old Connery.

    Favorite Bond show? Hmmm… You’re selection of “From Russia with Love” is good, but I go with “Dr. No”. What can I say, I like white bikinis…

  2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is probably the most underrated of the series. I like the movie itself, not crazy about Lazenby (apparently not many were), but the movie had a different tone to it. And yes, Sean was better in his younger days.

  3. I fall into two of your categories – never seen a Bond film and I could give a flying fig if I had one…
    Thoughts and prayers for your dad.

  4. I disqualify myself having seen no Bond films before Roger Moore. I don’t even remember his films all that well leaving me to vote for only the Brosnan and Craig movies. I do remember the D squared theme from View though. Interestingly, another theme is going through my head now from a non-Bond 80s spy movie. I refer of course to Chevy Chase and I forget who in Spies Like Us.

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