Not Coming Home Today


Got a bit of a scare today.  After my Dad’s successful surgery yesterday, things were looking really good and he may have even been able to come home today.  However, that changed as my Mom was on the way back to the hospital this morning.  She got a phone call that informed her that dad had to go back into surgery… RIGHT NOW!  She immediately called here to give us the news but not sure what was going on apart from that… no whys or wherefores.  Before I left for work, we learned that he had a blood clot that had to be removed.  Shortly after my shift started, I got news that the clot was successfully removed and all is going well again.  It was a good thing he was there overnight.  Thankfully, big brother was with Mom so that she would not be travelling alone.  To try and lighten the mood a bit, I commented that it would not be my father if he was not causing some type of problem.  So, it will be another few days before he is able to come home.  On a good note, I had a call on the caller id waiting for me when I got home from work… THANKS C & L 😉 .

4 thoughts on “Not Coming Home Today”

  1. I glad things sound like they’re okay now with your dad. Scares are not fun. Speaking of, my uncle’s girlfriend isn’t doing so well. Without divine intervention she has only a very short time left. She has inoperable brain cancer.

  2. Wow, D. Sorry to hear that. I will remember you in my thoughts and prayers. I know what it is to have someone close with a very limited time left. But prayers are like a warm blanket and always give comfort.

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