Before He Gets TOO Old


I just learned that another Indiana Jones sequel is in the formative stages.  Speculation abounds concerning the macguffin, the casting, direction, writing, etc.  To me, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was fun if a bit far-fetched.  Transporting the intrepid archaeologist to the 1950s and the era of Area 51, nuclear test sites, etc was a good way to age the character.  However, I was not keen on the whole happy family dynamic: even giving the son a canine nickname.  It seemed like a passing of the torch to a new hero and I say NO.  I also do not see it possible to recast Indy.  It may have worked (for better or worse) over the course of the James Bond films but to me no one could capture the essence of Dr. Jones like Harrison Ford.  I think that as long as Ford is willing and (more importantly) able to carry the whip, the franchise should continue but everyone grows old.

As far as the relic, I really don’t think that the religious aspect is all important.  The three original films dealt with religious artifacts but each one had a mystic quality to them.  While reading some comments about a fifth movie, people have mentioned items such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the lost continent of Atlantis (which was actually bandied around the last time), Excalibur, and other relics.

Ok, tangenteers and other interested lurkers… what say you? More Indy?  Recasting? And what famous device should be the catalyst for the show?  However, they better get cracking, the three masterminds behind the franchise are likely to be in wheelchairs within the next 20 years.

7 thoughts on “Before He Gets TOO Old”

  1. I personally think enough is enough, but then again, I’m not a fan of the franchise. The first and only Indy movie I’ve seen is the previous one, and it was just alright, not really my kind of movie. I’ve heard that the other ones are better, so maybe someday, I’d be willing to give them a try. But I think only Harrison Ford should play Indy, and he is getting too old, and I thought there were hokey elements about this last movie, so they’d have to get rid of those as well. I don’t think they should make an Indy movie with his son or anyone but Ford as the focus.

  2. AMEN! And there were some hokey moments… not including the climax. Swinging on vines, Monkeys in trees, those two made me cringe.

  3. Indiana Jones and the Rambunctious Grandkids. Armed with Geritol and his false teeth he’s on a quest to rescue his priceless artifacts he’s collected over the years from the almighty crayon and errant baseball…

  4. As much as I liked the shows, I think it may be time to quit. (Did I just say that?) They would really need a good story, soon. If they just throw one together to make more money, I would be disappointed.

    The reunion between Indiana and Marion was good, but the introduction of a kid — Nope. Swinging on vines with monkeys bad. And where was Sallah? Commies instead of Nazis, ok I guess that worked.

  5. The Indy-Marion reunion was very well done – even with the Mutt. IF the movie sees the light of day, I must be done in the next 5 years… if not sooner.

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