Am I A Denzel Fan?


I’ve heard a lot of people say they are Denzel Washington fans, and I didn’t really get it.  But then I watched Inside Man, and  I enjoyed it.  I then saw Book of Eli in the theaters, which I really liked a lot, and it’s become one of my husband’s favorite movies of all time.

Last night we watched the 1998 movie Fallen, also starring Denzel, and it was one of the best crime-thrillers I’ve seen in a long time.  As usual with these types of movies, I hesitate saying too much because I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone.  Let’s just say that I highly recommend Fallen; especially if you like the genre; especially if you like Denzel.  Always intriguing; at times it was genuinely creepy, though never gory, and most importantly, it did not leave the audience distracted with guessing possible twists – just a good crime drama which left one waiting to see what unfolds next.  John Goodman, James Gandolfini, and Donald Sutherland all provide excellent performances rounding out the acting roster.  At one point, there was an expression on Denzel Washington’s face that was utterly perfect for the circumstance at hand, and that’s when I realized that I was starting to become a fan of his acting.  If you would have asked me before today who my favorite movie actor is, I would have said Tom Hanks.  I loved Forrest Gump, Splash, League of Their Own and Toy Story, and I thoroughly enjoyed a host of other Hanks films: The Terminal, Castaway, and Big just to name a few.  Hanks’ diversity, comedic abilities, and every-man qualities make him fun to watch.  So after thinking about all these great movies again, I guess I would still maintain Tom Hanks as my favorite movie actor, but because I judge movies more from a whole-picture perspective, Denzel’s films are starting to catch my eye – he knows how to pick ’em!

I’ve seen Bone Collector (push-knob car locks have never been the same), but it’s been a long time, and I don’t remember much about the movie except that I liked it (and those darn push-knob car locks).  So now, being a Denzel Washington fan, I will have to watch Bone Collector again.

So the point of this post is?  See Fallen – it’s good.  And we have SO broken the stinker movie trend around here.  Hallelujah!!  And thank you Denzel!

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  1. YEP… GREAT ACTOR! Let me see if I can find some other movies to recommend. Training Day? Remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3? Courage Under Fire (a bit older… early 90s); Pelican Brief, Philadelphia (with your favorite actor… T.H.) I actually have Bone Collector. Ok… that’s enough.

  2. I actually saw the new Taking of Pelham 123 – I didn’t even know it was a remake. But I really don’t remember it, so I guess I didn’t find it that good. And I definitely don’t remember Denzel in it… let me guess, was he a cop? 🙂 He should be careful about the typecasting…

  3. I enjoy all of these films (except Pelham 123 which doesn’t deserved to be re-made to begin with), they are good action/thriller movies and Denzel W. never disappoint bringing realism in all of them but what about Denzel’s movies for which he’s seen as a World class talent ? Here some of my favorites :

    Malcolm X : His portrayal of Malcolm X is quite simply beyond description, it’s just one of these performances that leave you speechless, one of cinema’s most brillant performances. It’s also my favorite film from Denzel W.

    The Hurricane : Another acting tour de force by Washington, a role that demands a great deal of physicality and emotional range and there isn’t a moment when he isn’t entirely convincing, he’s at the very top of his game here.

    Cry Freedom : He’s again sublime in the complex role of South Africa activist Steve Biko, he play this role with such subtlety, passion & accuracy that he’s never less than fascinating to watch, it’s without a doubt one of his finest performances.

    Glory : The classic, epic civil war movie wouldn’t be the same without Washington’s iconic performance for which he earned his first oscar.

    He Got Game : A deglamourized Denzel Washington (with a big afro) play the role of an ex-con, imprisoned for the accidental murder of his wife, he’s now a looser father rejected by his childs, it’s a wonderful, heartfelt performance.

    John Q : A favorite among average people (especially women), I dare you to not cry at Denzel heartbreaking portrayal of a blue collar, desperate father who will do anything to save the life of his sick son, one scene in particular is exceptionally moving.

    Man On Fire ; Same as John Q, it’s a favorite among average people, it’s also one of my favorite Denzel’s performance, as well as the young & talented Dakota Fanning, they are wonderful together.

    Devil in a Blue Dress : An overlooked neo-noir movie who has an engaging story, a great 40’s L.A. atmosphere, magnificent direction and stunning performances by Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle in his breakthrough role.

    Much Ado About Nothing : All the roles I’ve mentioned before are all emotionally & psychologically complex, dramatic work, here is a great, charming shakespearean comedy with an all-star cast, Denzel play the Prince Don Pedro of Aragon and he does very well, no surprise since he’s primly a stage actor.

    Co-sign on Training Day (A volcanic, mesmerizing performance) & Philadelphia (He’s the best thing about it, imho).

    keep up the good work.

    1. @Bois – WOW! Thanks for all the info! I will definitely be interested in checking out some of these movies in the future! I haven’t seen any of them yet. Thanks so much for commenting! And I’m glad to read that Denzel plays many more characters than cops – I was starting to wonder about all of the cop roles Denzel has played.

  4. I first appreciated Denzel as Bobbie on Hill Street Blues when he played a policeman. That might have been one of first roles.

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