Just trying to add a little more info


If you notice on the right hand bar, there is a new widget.  I’m looking through all of my pictures to see if I can find animals that will represent various moods.  After I catalog those moods, I hope to find a way to easily switch them to my current frame of mind.

Maybe that will give you an indication of what was going on in my head during the latest posting.  I won’t guarantee that it will reflect past posts, just the most current.

IF, and that is a big if, I get this working to my satisfaction, maybe I will share…. Right now it is only a text widget. Not at all what I am working toward, but I like the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Just trying to add a little more info”

  1. I have added the “Mood Personalizer” widget, look for it in your widgets. Whenever I get a chance I will modify it to allow your own images.

    (this is not Justin)

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