Work today just draggggged by, especially when 3.00 hit and I was still waiting to leave. I asked for some dollar bills to fill my drawer with thinking that would send a clue. I received by 50 singles and paid for them and still I waited. Finally, at 3.15 I had no line and I went to the time clock punched out and said “adios, places to go, people to see.” Oh, they were sorry.

I arrived at C & L’s house at 3.27 (by my reckoning, anyway). They asked me where I would like to go. Honestly, I hate deciding things like that. We ended up going to the mexican place by Wal-Mart which was actually great by me because it has been a while since I was there. After dinner, C had a meeting to go to so L and I went to see Hancock which I found to be entertaining and very different from the typical superhero fare. I really liked the premise but we both agreed that the twist was somewhat hokey, but still entertaining. It only increased my appetite for The Dark Knight.

After the movie, we went back to the house and awaited the results of the meeting which we all agreed was favorable. The theatre season for 2009-2010 was approved as presented. Little Shop of Horrors is in and Jesus Christ Superstar appears to be a go along with the rest. Those are just two of the shows I was really hoping for (the fact that they are musicals is beside the point).

Before leaving the home of my dear, dear friends, I was given money to revisit the ice cream shop. If I had taken it and not gone, it would have been stealing. So, I went and endulged in a cake batter ice cream cone. I guess you could say I had ice cream and cake in one. All this on the night before L is to go to the hospital to be induced for her fourth child and first boy. YOU TWO ARE THE GREATEST!!! My birthday celebration will continue in my next blog.

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