This is definitely going to be the hardest posting I have made… it is just so difficult to put into words what a great friend Chris is.  What he and Lisa thought would be a real downer on my birthday was the greatest present he could give me.  I have always known that you don’t always “get the part”, but to have him tell me what he did just floored me.  I really was touched and wanted to break down not because I was disappointed but because of everything he did when he told me.  He asked me if I was upset by not being cast in the show and if I was he would step down.  He also mentioned that he asked the director to consider double casting the part.  That would be very difficult as she is a first time director.  My Lord what have I done to deserve such an awesome friend.  I was not even tempted to take him up on his offer.  It sounds cliche but I really do mean that if I did not get the role, there is no one else I would rather watch in it.  Plus, I was asked to be the stage manager so I will be a huge part of the show as well.  Just still hoping for that time we get to share the stage in a show as actors only.  Thank you my friend… You have made my 35th birthday one I will never forget.

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  1. You know, I may have just realized why I don’t have any close friends (though I do have friends) around here- none can compare with Chris! Nothing to do with my social skills, nope… 🙂

    So you were both going for the lead after all- well, congrats on being asked to manage the stage, and I am glad to hear you had a great birthday!

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