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Last Easter prior to watching the first 3D movie I have seen since Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (but of course it wasn’t), I saw the trailer for part the first of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  As the summer swept by, I kept seeing television and movie ads proclaiming the same.  About a month ago whenever a promo came on the air, I noticed something missing… no mention of the 3D concept.  Finally, this morning, I did a bit of research.  As I had feared, the penultimate chapter in the cinematic adventures of the wizarding world would only be shown in two dimension.  I look at it this way: if the movie is going to suffer from a lackluster 3D experience, sacrifice the gimmick for quality of the overall experience.  I have been for the most part, quite pleased with the transfer of the tale from the printed page to the big screen and cannot wait until Saturday afternoon to see the newest extravaganza.  However, the article I came across promised that the climax would indeed be shown with the added dimension on July 15, 2011 (a few short days after someones celebrates their birthdays)


October 10th, 2010 by Castina


Harry Potter and his pals won’t be using magic to combat evil in 3D after all.

On Friday, Warner Bros. Studios announced that the first part of the film in the blockbusterHarry Pottter film franchise will only be released to standard and IMAX theaters in 2D — not the eye-popping 3D technology as was originally planned.

Hollywood bosses say they simply don’t have enough time to convert the film to 3D before its Nov. 19 release date. Warner Bros. had hoped to be able to transform the film into 3D format, but trashed the idea after taking inventory of their timetable.

“We will not have a completed 3D version of the film within our release date
read a press release issued by The WB last week. “Despite everyone’s best efforts, we were unable to convert the film in its entirety and meet the highest standards of quality. We do not want to disappoint fans who have long-anticipated the conclusion of this extraordinary journey.”

“This decision, which we completely support, underscores the fact that Warner Bros. has always put quality first,” says director David Yates.

At least there’s one bright spot: The studio says Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will still be released in both 2D and 3D on July 15, 2011.

Interestingly, the announcement was made a month ago.  I am surprised that it has not been better publicized.  Perhaps in order to not detract viewers who would rather see the 3D even if it is done in less than spectacular fashion.  Wonder if the PTB will continue to perfect it in time for a re-release next summer.

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  1. And if this is the case, does it means that the movies were not filmed in 3d? I will have to find that out before I shell out extra bucks. May see the next film this Saturday too.

  2. I really hope that they film the last one in 3D rather than convert it afterward, but it sounds like conversion is the plan – 3D movies are much better when actually FILMED in 3D. I’m gearing up to finish the Half-Blood prince within the next week, so once I watch the movie, I will be interested in seeing the first part of Deathly Hallows on the big screen. No need to wait until I finish reading the first half of the book – it would probably be out of theaters by then.
    I’m glad that if they felt they couldn’t put out a quality 3D movie that they didn’t try to push it anyway. I don’t need to waste any more money on movies that proclaim to be 3D only to leave me disappointed as has been the trend lately.
    The huge 3D movement seems to be busting a bit.

  3. A little late to add a comment, but after reading about horrendous conversions, I would rather not watch a movie in 3D if it wasn’t filmed in 3D.

  4. People go en masse to the films to see tales about Harry Potter and Narnia, escapist fantasies that whisk us away from our real world of cuts, austerity and looming economic disaster. In these tales, on our side we have wizards both brave and powerful. In real life, we look upon our so-called leaders and despair. If we wish for a Narnia to escape to, we must build it here. Ourselves.

    1. Well said… escapism from the everyday for a few hours, anyway. I really look forward to seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Narnia series was always one of my favorites reading even now. My fourth-grade teacher read them all to us and I was instantly hooked! Thanks for commenting!

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