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In talking with friend, and of course responses to my other post on time travel, I am recalling more movies and TV shows that involved some sort of time travel.

I’m going to get the various STAR TREK shows and movies that had some time travel in them out of the way now.

I’m just pulling these off the top of my head, so I’m sure I miss one or two (or more), I’m going after my favorites, not all of them (There were many).

Since I had to stop watching the ENTERPRISE show when it moved to cable only, I can’t comment much on the time traveling adversary that was in that show. The last season I saw, had Captain Archer looking at a view of the future… I didn’t see anything after that and I don’t know what happened.

In Star Trek the original series, there were many time travel shows, some with the Enterprise sling shotting around a star or the Sun to go into the past. Others with other agents that allowed them to visit the past.

Of them all my favorites are “Assignment Earth” with Agent Gary Seven. I assumed that this may have been setting up a spinoff show, but I don’t recall anything coming from that.

And the “City on the Edge of Forever”. Going back and changing history based on saving the life of one person. Was this a show to say how important the acts of one could be, or a morality show to say we should not delve into things we don’t comprehend?

That’s enough of the TV shows, my favorite time travel STAR TREK was the Star Trek IV — The Voyage home. Lots of funny stuff in that one. Russian on a US Aircraft Carrier (the Enterprise) during the height of the cold war. Spock with the whales. Scotty giving the engineer the formula for Transparent Aluminum, or trying to talk to the computer. Just a fun show.

Of course the Next Generation got into the act of time travel. I don’t recall as many of those so I guess they didn’t make much of an impression on me. But the First Next Generation movie used the “NEXUS” to travel around time? Of course Kirk was brought to the future to save the day. Then in the Star Trek Next GEN: First Contact. The new Enterprise fights the Borg and goes back in time to the first Faster than light travel from Earth. I found that show very interesting in spots, but generally don’t like shows with the Borg. Just my preference.

One of my favorite time travel Star Treks has to be on Deep Space Nine “Trials and Tribble-ations. Some of the crew from Deep Space Nine go back in time and interact with the original Star Trek Series, Trouble with Tribbles episode. Worf’s line about the Klingons on the space station is worth watching it one more time…

Since I can’t travel backward in time, only forward at a set speed, I guess that’s enough for now. I was just a blogging fool this evening.

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  1. I forgot about the Gary Seven episode which was to be the basis for a spin-off series with a young Teri Garr.

  2. I think I read a Star Trek book centered around Gary 7. I don’t remember much about it. Did you ever watch Time Tunnel or Voyagers! ? Both are available on DVD I think. Voyagers! was from the eighties and had more of a kid focus, on history. Time tunnel was a little older and even had a pilot for a newer series. I enjoyed both.

  3. Assignment: Eternity was a novel returning Mr. Seven and his cohorts to the Trekdom. I do remember Vpyagers, too.

  4. Star Trek IV is a classic… placing Kirk and company totally out of their element. The old lady’s reaction to Spock’s mind-meld with the whale was hilarious (“Maybe he’s singing to that man.”) Colorful metaphors, etc.

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