Putting It Together (OOPS…Wrong Show)


Well with less than a week before opening night of Little Women, I must say it has come a very long way even in just the last two rehearsals. Thursday night’s practice did not go well at all (but I have been involved in worse. As our director stated today, it was indeed time for a wake up call. The cast is all wonderful and very professional, but in my opinion the time has come for the jitters to start in for everyone and just need to be reminded that the hard part is over and the fun can begin. We are all ready but it is not time to take that preparedness and have fun, relax, and just do it. This afternoon was actually the first time we had everything in place (cast, musicians, props, set placement, and everything else involved in a theatrical production… including lighting… THANKS justj and Carol). The first act took an hour-and-a-half to complete and the second act just under that. Although I have never seen a production of this show, from reading the script, sitting in rehearsals, etc. I do not see how it can possibly be much shorter. There is very little in set changing so nothing to be done there. But with repetition over the next 3 evenings (we do have an audience on Thursday night for final dress) it will all come together. My big faux pas occurred when Mr. B came and actually PUSHED me downstage to be where I was supposed to be during one of my brilliant scenes, but he did mention that he cracked up at my final stage position (but I will not give that away for those who do not know). I will not forget where I am supposed to be from now on. Nor will I comment on my costume for the show that is a return to some costuming I have undertaken in past productions (and it does need to be altered not the least for a draft I felt). But I do get to play an evil villain 😀 which everyone so loves to hate but am “so good at” (and the last three are NOT my words).
Little Women (Collector’s Edition)

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  1. Yes, you make a good evil villain, especially for a melodramatic villain. This rehearsal was much better than last Thursday. I think you can cut off at least 1/2 hour from the whole show. Way too many missed cues and dropped lines. This really slows it down. That being said, it is a show. I’ve seen many shows at this point, and they all come around. I think the fear of God, or the Director, or the Audience gets to the actors. They all give that last final push the show needs. I have a feeling tomorrow will be much better.

    Working the lights will be a lot of fun.. Change here, change there, blackout at the right time. Get the crossed lights working better. So many lights, so little time…

  2. My thoughts exactly… missed lines, cues, first time with EVERYTHING probably were the worst part of the rehearsal. But now that we are beyond that, we can go even more forward. I’ve been in at least one show where we were not even at this point with even less time to go and came through. Midnight-plus rehearsals, but I don’t see that happening here.

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