Even with all those movies…


I was looking for a collection set to add to my movie library. A few years ago Universal studios released their “Monster Collection” as a boxed set (DVD or VHS). 8 movies in all. Since I had the ones I thought I wanted, I didn’t bother with the set.

Now some of my old VHS tapes are showing there age, and I thought it may be time to pick this up if it was still available anywhere. I did a quick search and found used DVD sets going for over $200. And a new “In the box” set going for close to $500. NO WAY would I pay that much for these movies, I can get them cheaper buying them one at a time when I see them at video stores. The Wolf Man at Wally World was only $7.50

A further search found that those same movies will released as a collection again at the end of this month. Pre-Orders are less than $50. I’m sure if I time it correctly, I can get if for less than that. Here is a toast to patience. 😉

4 thoughts on “Even with all those movies…”

  1. I remember the release the first time. Is there a new monster movie coming out soon? That always seems to be a good tie-in. Or perhaps the new Wolf Man is coming to DVD?

  2. Not sure, I guess it could be the release of the new Wolfman to DVD. I remember wanting to wait for that for a rental. Will now be the time?

  3. Hmm, I guess I missed that one – oh, yeah I remember now; heard it wasn’t any good. If you rent it, let me know if it’s worth seeing. I’ve sure seen some stinkers lately and don’t want the trend to continue!

  4. Too bad for those scalpers that they can no longer hawk their wares, at least this particular one, for $200-$500 with this re-release. I say go for it. Now you know you can buy two to sell one in about 5-10 years for quadruple its retail price or more. 😉

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