Miracles Are All Around


Sorry for the gaps between posts but really hard to find time between working at 6AM Monday morning.  Getting to bed at 3AM Tuesday morning.   Reading, rereading, typing, retyping, running lines with my sister, rehearsal and everything else.  After Monday night’s practice I was not sure what I had gotten myself into.  But after some kicking and screaming (mentally)  I think we are ready.  Monday night was just a BAD practice as the few people who were there in the audience to take pictures, etc could tell you.  I have NEVER been in a show that was in such a bad way that soon to performance.  So… I was up until 3 o’ clock going over my lines until I was ready to explode.  Then, I got up Tuesday morning and had my sister run them with me.

Last night’s rehearsal was a noticeable difference.  Not without the occasional missed line but no one shouted “LINE!” and we made it to the end.  After rehearsal,  Beth and I went to Mary’s, hung out, ate, and ran lines again.  This morning, I ran lines again.  Do you think I may be overdoing?  Maybe it is just the new experience and I’m trying tooooo hard because I KNOW the lines.  I just need to RELAX!!  Remember why I am up on that stage  and it is not because of one line (although…HAHA, Beth!)

So after getting off work at 5, I will head over.  Look over the script again and be miraculous!

8 thoughts on “Miracles Are All Around”

  1. Just remember to breathe…..and relax. If all you get is “Eve, come” you must adapt. You know the lines, so just go with it. I’ll be up there cheering for you!!! 😉

  2. Time to chill and breath. Remember nobody knows you blew your lines unless you start making weird faces.. 😉

  3. Oh, yes, totally agree – as an audience member, I know the “I just blew a line and I’m going to catch it from the director” face well! And remember, the director shouldn’t be bothered by the blown line as much if you DON’T make that face!

  4. It’s always useful to make sure you know your lines, but just make sure to get some good rest before opening night. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

  5. Tonight’s rehearsal was much better. Still some moments, but I LOVE THIS! But derek, you are SOOOO right. I need to get some rest because this part is SOOOOOOO draining. I just realized that tonight. Dramatic and draining.

    And taylhis, dear friend. Do you KNOW to whom you are speaking about when you suggest they find a less stressful hobby?! It’s just a different form. Who ever said comedy was difficult?

    Thank you all for reaffirming what I have thought the past few weeks. RELAX! Mary knows… she’s been there all week. BRING IT ONNNNNNN! YOU 4 ARE THE BEST!

  6. It was a half-joke because I know to whom I’m suggesting… I know you love it even if others can’t understand it, but I would give that advice to anyone – if a hobby is stressing you, then it’s not a hobby, it’s a job, so find another hobby. Maybe there is another hobby you would like just as much or maybe even more – you never know until you try… then again, if you love your hobby, why try new ones I suppose.

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