Is He My WHAT?!


Opening night was GREAT!  The audience was both receptive and appreciative of the drama.  I think the storm only added to the mystique.  We were warned in our pre-show pep talk to project more even with our microphones just in case we could not be heard over the elements.  OH, BOY!  I DO GET TO BE BIGGGER AFTER ALL!  I have to say we have improved 1000% since Monday night.  My family, very dear friends, and past co-stars were in the audience.  “Clarence” was especially enthusiastic in his praise.  So many audience members were really surprised by my very dramatic turn.

Speaking of family members… my brother (who is 4 years older than I) was asked if I was his father.  Knowing the culprit, I was only mildly surprised by the tale.  “Uncle Billy” is just a bit on the eccentric side.  I’ve only been acquainted with him since being in It’s a Wonderful Life way back in December.  Of course, he was a “plant” for You Have the Right to Remain Dead. But, we had a good laugh.

After the show, we had a small after party with lots of good, fattening food.  I did, however bring a fruit bowl.  But man am I BEAT! I’m usually up for a late night cast party but this show… while Miraculous… is draining.

You still have three more chances to catch the Miracles.  Tomorrow (2.30 and 7.30) and Sunday (2.30)  at the Huber in Hicksville, Ohio.

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