If You Say It Loud Enough, You’ll Always Sound Precocious


Yesterday, we had a double show with a party thrown in between the two.  At the matinee, my mentor who just happens to be one of my two best friends was in the audience.  While most of the people in attendance who know me are rather surprised by what I do on stage in Miracles, Chris had no doubt at all.  He and Lisa are BEYOND what I call the best!  Words cannot describe how much they mean to me.  After the afternoon show, Mary was throwing a cast party.  I had to ask if I could bring my ardent supporters along.  I was really happy when they told me that there had been some cancellations to justj and company’s “sold out” dinner theatre.

While at Mary’s, we all got to meet Beth’s seven year old daughter… and believe me, Jordan let us know how old she is!  She is so full of life, precious, and precocious.  I, along with C & L, marveled at how much alike she and a certain newly turned six year old are!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMIE!  LOVE YA, KIDDO!

Last night’s performance had a really appreciative audience as well.  I think it is awesome how many people this show has touched and taught.  All theatre cannot be light and fluff.  But, I think it is time for the return of a fun, fluffy musical.  If not light and fluffy, then a serio-musical.  There ARE a few of those floating around, aren’t there?!

2 thoughts on “If You Say It Loud Enough, You’ll Always Sound Precocious”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. We enjoyed ourselves at our “double-header theater finale”. You obviously put a lot of hard work into your role, and it showed – GREAT job! Thanks for inviting us to the cast party; it was lots of fun!

  2. Glad you had a great time on your whirlwind theatre tour! You two do so much and seldom do you get the praise you both deserve! Thanks for YOUR kind words.

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