And Remember The Truth That Once Was Spoken


To Love Another Person

Is to See the Face of God

This morning, the family lost another member to the most hateful word in the English lexicon: cancer.  Aunt Carol has been valiantly battling the disease for a number of years until the last few months when she was house-ridden and given home health care.  This morning between 11 and 12, the phone rang once and then quit.  However it was enough time for the ID to display the caller.  It was enough for me to realize that it could not be good news and they forgot that Mom was on her Kindergarten bus route.  Shortly after noon, Alicia and Stacy came to the house and the tears began.   She passed around 9.30 with both of the girls by her side.

It finally hit home for me at work tonight.  I was in the back by myself and I just realized how soon following Emily’s passing that Aunt Carol succumbed.  One week exactly from 16 months.  Two extraordinary women who passed away much too soon.  Carol was 53.  Emily was exactly one month from her 60th birthday.

Thoughts and prayers to Carol’s family.

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