Clap, Clap, Slap The Chest…


What IS this?  It’s something that is popular among tween girls lately.  They walk around doing some kind of ritual that involves clapping and slapping their chests, among other things.  I didn’t really think much of it, until my daughter’s 9th birthday party, and there were other kids here doing it.  When my 2-year-old picked it up, it became annoying and I decided to take action by writing a blog post and looking it up on the internet.   I asked my daughter if it’s from a movie or a tv show or something, but she didn’t seem to know where it came from.  When I tried to look it up on the internet, I just got instructions for other games of this type and didn’t see anything about any sort of fad that’s sweeping our tweens.  So is anyone reading this whose kids do the same thing, or is this a NW Ohio thing?  I’d like to know where it came from so I can decide if it’s a behavior I want all of my kids duplicating.

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