You Delivered My Pizza, But Please Don’t Watch Me Eat It


We had a great weekend, even though the weather on Sunday was horrid – so cold my Christmas teddy bear got frozen to the window!  Friday night was an all-night work session to finish up the planning and organization of our community theater’s awards show, which is where we went Saturday night.  But first on Saturday afternoon, it was a birthday celebration for our oldest who turned 9 on Sunday with a MUCH anticipated visit from family who live out of state.  We had a great time catching up and watching the kids open their birthday and Christmas presents, and the kids got to have a sleepover in the hotel with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Bud while we went to the awards show.  The awards show was lots of fun, as always, and I got to watch 2 very good friends win much-deserved achievment awards.  Congratulations, guys!

It was lots of fun putting the show together, even if we didn’t have much time to do so due to last minute notice from the theater.  It was fun and also rewarding to watch the individual skits, shorts, songs, and awards presentations start as ideas on paper and then watch when they came together as a whole.  It’s also a fun excuse to get everyone together, and it’s always nice to see long-lost busy friends who are unable to get together but for this one night.  It might be fun to produce the awards show again next year, but then again, I’d love to have my best friend sitting beside me to watch them because I missed him this year – even though he did make an excellent host.  If there are a few individuals in the theater community who have a hard time because they don’t win awards, then let them have their hard time.  There is talk of cancelling this awards show, and I would be very sad if that happened.  It’s definitely a whole ton of fun for most of us, and I really don’t think we should let a few individuals ruin it for everyone.  That’s all I’m going to say on the subject for now, but expect to hear more from me once this very topic is discussed at the next production board meeting.

Sunday we had major Grandma-let-down, and because we didn’t want our oldest daughter to be depressed on her actual birthday, we let her have a friend sleep over.  During football season, we usually set aside Sundays for low-key stuff, like watching football, reading newspapers, and blogging, but we always end up with crazy kids so it’s never exactly low-key.  But I don’t usually cook dinner on Sundays, and today we ordered pizza.  Five minutes after the pizza was delivered, we noticed the delivery guy was still parked out front and that he was standing outside of his car.  Turns out, he had locked himself out of the car, and so we offered him a warm place to wait for his ride.  Since the temperature outside has been hovering around 0° all day, with wind chills near -20°, he gratefully accepted.  And he stood in our front hall for almost 30 minutes!  If he were outside, he would have frozen to death.  But it did feel a little awkward eating the pizza he delivered while he stood there.  We offered him a seat in the living room, but he opted to stand in the entryway, and I’m kind of glad because at least we were then eating out of his view.  Our 2-year-old kept asking about “the pizza guy”, and then he became scary to her – “I scared pizza guy” – probably cuz he was just standing there, doing nothing, and she’s never seen anyone do that in our front hall before.  But finally his ride came, thank goodness, and he left.  I wonder if he gets paid for the time he was standing in our house?  I wonder who pays for the gas that was used in his running car while he was waiting for his ride?  Should we have offered him some pizza?  It was kind of a weird situation, but it does make for interesting blog fodder.  Of course it had to happen on the coldest day of the year – that guy has a new story to tell!

4 thoughts on “You Delivered My Pizza, But Please Don’t Watch Me Eat It”

  1. I would have offered the pizza if I bought it, but if I were the pizza guy, I would have declined the offer.

    I actually know I would do this, but our pizza guy didn’t decline. I made a very good college friend by doing that. By offering him a few slices, when he had car trouble, we would get free pizzas on occasion. Pays to be nice.

  2. Oops… maybe I should have erred on the side of nice. But then again, it’s much different to invite a stranger into your home when you have kids.

  3. Speaking of, just imagine my sense of awkwardness when I, a 30something male, had to ask several parents for permission to call their 10/11yo kids for church ministry as a new way of keeping contact with the kids in our small groups. Most said yes, but one rescinded the permission after I actually talked to his son. Yeah, I would be a little uncomfortable too as the parent.

    I’m glad you invited Jesus in (for what you do to the least- I would presume this to mean all and not just the lowest of the low- of His people you do for Him). 🙂 Blessings on you.

  4. Well I guess it was a good thing that I went to go get our pizza that we ordered tonight. I would have had it delivered but I really wanted to get out of the house, where I stayed all day because of the bitter cold, and I didn’t want to fork out the extra bucks for a tip. (Esp. if the delivery guy is cute, they get extra;) It was so nice of you for what you guys did. However, I can see the awkwardness.

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