What A Difference A Letter Can Make


This weekend, I learned two new duties at work.  One, I was strongly advised to learn the other I took upon myself to try my hand at.  I have watched others cut a whole steak before but have never tried it myself.  Last night, a customer who I know asked if we could cut two of the whole ribeye steaks for her.  Since this was nearly 8PM and the cashier was about to leave, I told her that it might be Monday before it could be done.  No problem, she was not in a hurry.  This morning, I decided to be brave and slice it myself… at least I know the guinea pig who would be the recipient of the steaks well enough.  Since it was boneless, all I had to do is take a knife and hack my way through it.  And both of them were very lean so not much fat to trim.  Hopefully, I did well enough.  I called and left a message on the customer’s machine.

The other adventure was printing next week’s ad signs on the computer.  No problem there except maybe the age of the computer… actually looks like a relic of the 80s.  Once again, went really well until I looked over my handiwork and discovered that a sign that was supposed to read:



3 FOR $1.00

came out reading:



3 FOR $1.00

Thank goodness, I noticed it before no one else did and hung the sign.  I did make a new sign with the correct item and THOUGHT that I had thrown the faux pas in the garbage.  Apparently not.  When I got to work this morning, there was the offensive sign with a nice little note attached.  It was good for a laugh anyway.  But as I have always said, be careful how much you learn; you can get in all kinds of trouble 😉

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  1. Hmmm…..what was really on your mind when you were printing that sign? (lol) I am not a very good typist either. I would like to think that with practice I will get better, but at my age it is doubtful. So, i can do is smile at my mistakes.

    make it a great day,

  2. That’s what the note said… “What was going through the mind of the computer operator?” At least I caught the goof.

  3. I’m thinking THAT sign would have generated a LOT of interest in the pork and beans aisle! Hm, interesting ploy to get people into the store.

    If the “shock” factor is good for celebrities, why not grocery stores?


  4. Oh shoot, I had more to say! (Imagine that!)

    10 years ago or so I worked at the local meat market as a part time gig, and I couldn’t wait to get on that big saw and cut meat!!! It was quite a thrill for me…I don’t really know why, though!!!

    AND….someday I can put on my resume that I have been a gas station attendant, 911 dispatcher, AND a meat cutter. I think it’s cool to have been lots of different things…. 😉

  5. Now I will make a comment on the correct site. I did not have to worry about a saw just had to grab a knife and go to town (insert demonic laugh). Is there a show about a Demon Butcher? Or a Swedish Chef type?

  6. Hmmm, I was thinking it was some sort of dinner and movie type of thing. We go from porn to demon butchers and on to muppets? What exactly are you selling in that store?

    So are they actually going to teach you to cut the steaks, or don’t they trust you with sharp knives?

    Note on both items. It seems like you may have a case of fat fingers (see typing mistake and placement of letters), so you may want to make sure they are out of the way of any sharp knives. There is so much more in this post that I could comment on, but it would be too easy… 😉

  7. Well… if I did not catch the mistake, someone may have hung the sign and a customer may have noticed it and thought the same: “What exactly are we selling?” I could have also sent it to Jay Leno for a Headlines bit; unfortunately, Jay is no longer the host of Tonight.

    I guess I will find out tomorrow if they will ever trust me again with a knife. I used the technique of learning from observing to take a whack at the steak.

    1. Well… after I hear the reaction to the cutting job, I may be yielding to wield a knife much as I yield to wield a paint brush 😉

  8. Hilarious!

    And I just showed myself incompetent at using a razor blade today. My thumb has a nice-size mouth on it now. Or maybe the blade holder was just evil as my boss, filling in for Rene who’s on vacation, nicked herself as well. 😈

  9. UPDATE: I learned today that my knife wielding is better than my paint brush abilities. The boss was even impressed… she could not believe that it was me who cut the steak. I tell ya: be careful what you know.

    As for the sign: she thought it was the person who usually prints the signs. Unfortunately she is on vacation this week. I even played along for a while thinking that we would give her a nice surprise next week.

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