The Day The Lights Went Out In Wally World


While at work today, one of the customers I frequently assist ask me if I had heard what happened at the Wally World where I used to work.  Apparently, the electricity went out yet again.  Speculation was that someone had hit a light pole with their car.  Anyone else care to elaborate?  I just found the whole thing rather humorous because I had been there and done that as an associate at least twice.  Once a few years back when we were still a regular store and again in the wee hours of the morning last summer at the new supercenter.  Each of those times were quite boring.  Standing in the back in the Electronics department in the dark with only a flashlight can be quite tedious.  I do remember amusing myself by trying to scare other associates by sneaking up on them, tapping them on the shoulder, then shining the light at them.

The first instance was memorable because I was severely reprimanded for having wheelchair races  with other associates while waiting in the dark.  Which harkens back to  a cashier meeting  I once attended in a  pair of sweatpants and  sweatshirt.  Apparently, this was not suitable attire for a Customer Service Manager at 7 AM on a Saturday morning when you are not otherwise scheduled.  Aside from that, the person who addressed the issue to me was a member of management who had nothing to do with the situation.  I seriously considered wearing my tuxedo with top hat and tails to the next meeting.

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  1. There was another time the power went out in the whole town, and they wouldn’t let customers into the store… maybe for fear of crazy flashlight-weilding associates 🙂

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