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This evening, I had the pleasure of added responsibility at work. Years ago, I closed the store quite frequently (under different management, however) . Tonight, I was given a five minute refresher. Nothing Earth-shattering. Basically, make sure that everything was locked up, put away, doors locked, etc. Of course, the process was aided by the help I had. I would have felt a little insecure with someone who had not known what was expected of them; I just had to make sure that the teenage fellow did what was expected of him (I’ve been there).

During our brief moments of downtime, my co-worker and I discussed one of my favorite subjects. He asked me what my favorite part has been. My normal readers already know what that is. For the sake of one, I will refrain from going into detail (although I was once again able to break into him to the delight of my companion). We then discussed what our favorite musical to watch has been. He saw Wicked in Chicago a few years ago and said it is really awesome. He also mentioned a high school marching band show in which they performed the music of Jesus Christ Superstar (another show I would like to be in). I have to say that my favorite to watch has been Les Miserables. But there are soooo many shows that I would love to see or be in. One such show is the Stephen Sondheim musical Assassins . I suppose I could say that I have been in a small part of it. Back in my days at BGSU during an evening of montages for a musical theatre course, I performed the role of the balladeer in the song “Ballad of Booth” which features John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of President Lincoln.

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  1. I actually saw Assassins once. If I remember, C wanted to be in it at one time as, of course, Booth. I still have the cassette tape I recorded from the library many years ago, though I haven’t listened to it in a long time. I should probably just get rid of it since it is just a copy. In fact, I probably never should have mentioned it since the Industry might be reading… 😮

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