Fireworks On The Fifth


…and not a very good thing. Yesterday at work, I noticed that the energy drinks in the cooler were starting to freeze. I informed the manager of this and she said she would check it out. This morning, I go in at 8AM and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a cooler with red slushie all over the bottom and glass door. Most of the drinks had frozen and burst all over. I was surprised that the glass door was in one piece. What made me think of fireworks? While I was cleaning out the cooler, I heard this popping sound that sounded like a firecracker exploding. I turned around and there was another can split open. Unfortunately, this happened the morning following a wax job on the floor. Sorry for whoever did that, but it did not look too bad after I cleaned up the mess and ran a mop over it. I was told that the cooler is fairly new (about 6 months old). I asked if there was not a temperature control on the case. There is but the problem happened before and the temperature gauge was adjusted to no avail. Can we say warranty issue? The maintenance guy who “fixed” the problem previously suggested turning off the case, letting it defrost, plug it back in, and keep an eye on it. Who wants to drink defrosted soda or energy drink? I enjoy a good slush as much as the next person but not so much cleaning slushie out of a cooler after it explodes? 🙁

2 thoughts on “Fireworks On The Fifth”

  1. Now the question is, will they tell customers the drinks were frozen and discount them or discard them? Or will they just let buyer drink at his own risk… I know what Wmart would do…

  2. for some odd reason, only the energy drinks were frozen. I pulled all of them and put them in the back to get credit for them.
    Hopefully, we get a new machine or get this one repaired properly.

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