Be An Actor My Son, But Be A Comical One


Today was a rather dull day at work. The rain did not help although Wednesday’s are notoriously slow days. I found myself staring out the window of the store at the lamppost across the street at the post office and remembering Gene Kelly dancing and splashing with his umbrella while Singin’ in the Rain. An excellent movie musical even if you can’t dance.

Later this afternoon, things picked up. I happened to be glancing at the front page of our area newspaper and I saw the face a certain young lady who I know quite well in full color right on the front page. I must admit to being slightly jealous.

About 2:30, the mother of one of my high school classmates came in just to deliver something she had for me. She went out to her car and brought back a picture of me dressed as the Herald from Cinderella along with her four granddaughters.
I made it a point to mention Little Women coming at the end of June. She was not sure if the girls were old enough to appreciate this show but she would ask. I am sure that the oldest of the four would definitely be.

So, a little sunshine was spread on a rather dismal, rainy day.

5 thoughts on “Be An Actor My Son, But Be A Comical One”

  1. That’s great about S in the paper, bought like 5 copies… though they did pull a typical BT and incorrectly stated some facts, but what do we expect? Messed up the name of the program she’s in at school and also the last name – ugh! So people won’t realize just how popular our girls have been in the paper the last few weeks… 🙂

  2. oh, and thanks for telling me!! Such a hectic day that I wouldn’t have looked at the paper til tomorrow – hate getting it at 5

  3. One of the perks of working where it is sold. Our paper seems to be coming earlier after we called and complained about the paper being thrown haphazardly and blowing away. Usually here by 4 instead of 5/5.30.

  4. ooh – maybe I should try complaining… our paperboy is the worst. It usually comes right to our door, but NEVER before 5, even when I know he is off school. And a few times it’s been too soaked to read. Once it rained 10 mins after he delivered it w/o a bag, and once he put it in a bag and it still somehow got wet. And he never acknowledged our Christmas tip… hope he got it. But I just feel really badly complaining about a kid… Taylor’s friend has a paper route and I see her out there every day, rain or shine at 3/3:30. She comes within 2 blocks of our house – wish we could just switch to her!

  5. Maybe complaining but it would teach the young man a valuable lesson and would help him to learn responsibility and I’m sure you are not the only one who feels that way if it is that bad. Not acknowledging the Christmas tip? Jees, I either gave cards hand delivered or put in a classified thank you. I did not notice the messed up name, wonder if they will print a correction… haven’t looked yet.

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