Wish Lists For The Separated


I suppose there had to come a time for this.  Stores have registries for bany gifts, bridal gifts, even kiosks for people to make their annual appeal to Santa.  A store in Great Britain has come up with the next step: DIVORCE REGISTRY. It’s not bad enough that the divorce rate is so high (40% for newlyweds and 60% for repeaters), but this seems to almost help it along.   So, apparently, those who end up with the short end of the stick following the distribution of wealth, can now ease their hardship by visiting Debenhams and sharing their list with whatever friends and family they have retained.  They can replace that wrought-iron grill that was used in domestic disputes.  So much for monogrammed dishtowels.  Hollywood couples… take notice.

I wonder how long it will take for Divorce Registry to make its way the USA.  Any suggestions for the next great registry idea?  How about Unemployed Worker Registry?

I think this qualifies for a News of the Absurd column.

4 thoughts on “Wish Lists For The Separated”

  1. That IS sad. What do you do, buy two gifts? They’re divorcing, so it’s not like they’re going to share your gift. And why get them a gift and encourage the behavior anyway? Sounds like a publicity stunt…

  2. I don’t know – I had friends that gave me care packages and it was very much appreciated. But like you say, it can be made too commercial.

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