I had a little laugh out of these videos.  Now let’s all forget about that dog-training stuff we all have read about or seen on Animal Planet and the like, and just imagine these dogs are as conservative as their humans. 😉

Okay, I tried to get you to suspend disbelief for a moment- did it work?  Anyway, one of these videos has a definite giveaway on the training- can you find it?  The other one I’m guessing is happening off-camera unless I missed it.

4 thoughts on “Conserva-pups”

  1. You mean they’re not verbally trained? I don’t think so either, though I failed to notice the training. I was actually going to comment on how in the first one, the dog seemed to be genuinely dissing the treat from Obama – that was before I read the rest of the post.

  2. I’m not sure I agree on the syllables as a component, but you’re right about the “okay” to turn back. If all verbal, then perhaps when she says “Barack Obama” that’s the cue to ignore the treat and turn away.

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