A $10,000 Scratch-Off Winner


Today was a long but enjoyable day.  It started out at 8AM when I put in a half-day at work.  We then had our annual holiday gathering with my mother’s family at her brother’s place… a nice, spacious home with lots of spread out space for the pack of little angels to enjoy (ok… some not so little).  This meant ANOTHER feast.  However on Christmas Eve, our priest gave permission for all to eat as much as we like without feeling guilty.  We had a nice buffet of ribs, turkey, and all the trimmings.  However, what everyone looks forward to is Aunt Sandy’s spread of delectable goodies: holiday cookies, caramels, pretzels, and BUCKEYES… ooooohhhhhh, yummy.

While enjoying the feast, we caught glimpses of the Detroit Lion’s perfect season.  At one point, the score was actually tied.  But I thought why ruin a good thing and spoil the perfect record even if it was a perfect losing record.

Later, while everyone was digesting and in an attempt to corral the kiddies, Santa made his annual appearance.  You never saw a group of kids become quiet so fast.  Traditionally, the youngest starts and we make our way to the oldest (18 and younger this time, it seems the idea of adult gift exchanging had been ruled out sometime ago).  Following the tumult of the present giving, one was given to my second oldest brother, Chad: a scratch-off lottery card.  Reveal three like prizes and win.  When he revealed the prize, his reaction was rather ho-hum for the amount he had won. I mean to say, if I got a ticket that said I had won $10,000 I would have been jumping up and down, banging my head on the rather low hanging ceiling lamp ( I could have easily been decapitated if I did not watch where I was walking), and making my way to the nearest agent able to cash my ticket in…. meaning a three-hour drive.  Chad was more like…Whhoooppeee… rather low key.  Shortly after, he was asked to read the fine print on the back of the card.  GOTCHA!!! We all had a good laugh.

By the time the merriment was complete, it was 8.30.  I had planned to attend an open house that ended at 9, but unfortunately was not able to.

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