Lost In a Londinium Pea Soup Ffogg


Friday night I again ventured to an evening of games and fun at our wonderful friend’s house.  In the early morning hours, I began to venture to my car when another game partier made it known that it was very foggy and offered me to stay over at her house.  I gladly accepted and while following the car in front of me to our destination, I was really glad I did not attempt to drive home.  Even this morning driving home at 10AM, it toook 30 minutes as opposed to the 10 it usually takes.

While the title of this post has only a slight connection to the topic, I wanted to post on the loss of a Catwoman who used up her nine lives.  Eartha Kitt played the feline pur-r-r-lunderer during the final season of the Batman tv series. In my opinion, she was not as captivating as Julie Newmar in the role.  Ms. Newmar and Adam West had wonderful on-screen chemistry that seemed to lack when Eartha put on the catsuit.  Aside from her stage and film credits, Ms. Kitt was also a famous singer whose rendition of “Santa Baby” graces the airwaves every hoilday season.  Most recently, she appeared on stage in National Touring Productions of The Wizard of Oz and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

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