I went to the top and …. Jumped


off the elevator or stairs.

This used to be one of my favorite things to say to people. There were times when it caught them completely by surprise, and other times when the got the joke. I’ve been to the top’s of many tall and natural locations.

So far

A few tall buildings in Toledo Ohio. I started in high school when one of the Toledo buildings had a restaurant near the top.

The Sears Tower in Chicago, when it was Still the Sears Tower

The CN tower in Toronto

The Empire State Building

Pontiac Silver Dome Top row

Tiger Stadium, second deck

The Arch in St Louis

Observation Deck at Niagara Falls

Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park Ohio (Jumped over the waterfall at the top of the cave, ok I jumped over the creek that becomes the waterfall.

There are other buildings in other cities, but I can’t recall them the names of all of them. The cities are Detroit Mi, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, Ft Wayne IN.

I missed opportunities in California, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota. I’m not even sure what tall buildings I missed there. But I did jump off of a pier in Ca. or was that a long walk on a short pier? 😉

Just remembering this evening to have fun with words…

2 thoughts on “I went to the top and …. Jumped”

  1. Interesting…
    I haven’t been to the top of any tall building since I experienced vertigo for the first time at the top of a really tall hotel at Niagara Falls. I’m starting to develop a fear of heights in my old age, so I don’t know if I’ll be visiting any soon…
    But I do wonder what that new glass floor is like at the Sears, um, er, Willis Tower.

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