From old tech to new tech


I was talking today with my 3rd daughter and her husband about movies I have on VHS tapes. They remarked that they didn’t have a VCR, so they could not watch those movies. I casually remarked that they needed a USB VHS player. I never saw one, and wasn’t even sure if they did make them. Well, I found out that there is at least one company who makes them. So from
the company that brought you the usb turntable and the usb cassette player, ION brings you the VHS 2 PC player. Now you can watch your VHS tapes on your PC. You can also take your home VHS videos and put them on DVD. What more could you want? 😉

I didn’t see the 8-track to PC player. Or BetaTape to PC? Or Edison recording tubes to PC? Sheet Music to PC? Player Piano sheets to PC? OK, I’m getting silly, but what about the 8-track to PC. I had a few not too many years ago. I gave them to someone with a working 8-track player.

I noticed that they have a turntable that goes directly to an Ipod.

They have a 35mm slide to PC scanner and a few other items. Interesting stuff I ever win the lottery.

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  1. You could probably scan sheet music to a computer, and then I’m sure there is some sort of software out there that could read it and make it workable on the PC. Not entirely sure, but based upon my limited computer and music knowledge, I would guess it exists…
    I remember driving around in this huge old olive green Ford we had with black vinyl bench seats – it had an 8-track player! We also had one at home, but I never had any – they had cassette tapes by the time I was old enough to have my own music.

  2. I remember doing the Gris (oops Shaffer) vacation to Wally (oops Disney Land) in 1978 in the orange wagon with 8-track player. I often wonder if we were not somehow the inspiration for the 1983 movie… of course, we did not have Aunt Edna with us.

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