Feeling Short And Old


I’ve been experiencing some sort of awful fatigue lately, so I begrudgingly went to the doctor to get it checked out.  My husband had noticed me stop breathing in my sleep last week, so we suspect sleep apnea, but I have to undergo a sleep study to find out for sure.  Good luck scheduling THAT during this Christmas season!

But the doctor also had a few interesting tidbits of advice, even though I felt extremely silly at the office since I actually saw my kids’ pediatrician – he is also the resident sleep specialist.  It didn’t help any when I got measured by a Sponge Bob ruler and found out that I must be shrinking – I’ve always considered myself to be on the tall side, but this time, I didn’t measure up – according to Sponge Bob, anyway.  So not only am I shrinking, but somewhere along the line I’ve become a year-round allergy sufferer who also has mild asthma.  And I just thought I was out of shape…

And to add insult to injury, I also got two new prescription medicines to add to my cabinet –  just like any other senior citizen would get at a doctor’s visit 😉

6 thoughts on “Feeling Short And Old”

  1. I remember the inhaler, but not the diagnosis.
    So it wasn’t caused by years of poor decision making (smoking), hehe!
    Seriously though, I’m sure that didn’t help any, glad I finally quit for good!

  2. You’re only old when you forget what medicine you were supposed to take to improve your memory, so you could remember to take your medicine.

  3. With your oldest just (almost) ten? Nah, you’re fine. I’d hate to know where I stand if you’re old. Now where did I put that medicine again? Just kidding. 😉

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