What The Truck?


I  recently received an email forward containing pictures of trucks from Europe.  These trucks are cleverly painted so that they can effectively advertise their contents.  Check them out:







16 thoughts on “What The Truck?”

  1. Hot n’ Spicy Pringles… have we had those before or are they available in the States… sound interesting.

  2. Is there a larger picture of the Pringles one available? I can’t quite tell what’s special about it. I see something but I’m not sure what it is. I do like the others.

  3. The Pringles truck is made to look like an inferno swept through it. Tell me again how to make the picture larger and I will take your hint. 😉

  4. In other hot news, I made myself a new batch of superhot salsa using a blender. I took some advice and removed the tomato seeds first, and added some sugar. No longer bitter now, but very tasty (but can burn your mouth off if yours is not conditioned for hot foods).

  5. Sounds good – not for me; I’m not a big spicy food fan. But if you come out here for the anniversary celebration, maybe you could mix up a batch for Chris!

  6. I was just looking at the trucks again. Does it strike anyone else as odd that all the trucks are pictured from the exact angle? Or that the trucks themselves are almost or are identical? Was this just a fancy photoshop experiment?

  7. I actually thought that, but decided to post them anyway. Upon closer examination, I find it strange that they were all taken on what appears to be the exact same highway, by the exact same brick post and tree. Hmmm…. Guess those Europeans don’t know how to paint trucks after all. I was wondering why they would bother to paint a truck for just one product when it would be more economical to use the trucks for multiple products. I guess I would hope that no one has enough spare time on their hands to be able to sit and photoshop all of this – maybe they should be out volunteering their time to a charitable organization instead!
    That’s email forwards for ya!

  8. Oh well – gave me another number for my post count and got us all intrigued about Hot n’ Spicy Pringles anyway…

  9. It looks like some tried to crop or blur the background, or do some brightness adjustments to make them look less fake, but you can’t hide the facts that JustJ caught. It reminds me of a church sign generator I saw. What looked like a belief war between two churches on a forum was just a series of signs generated by someone.

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