My Favorite Day Of The Week

is every other Saturday… my second day off each week.  Today was jammed packed.  It started about 10 AM when I turned on the radio waiting for a familiar voice to be on during the Blizzard Auction that benefitted the WCCT.  I also happened to hear about one of the items that was up for bid that sounded absolutely thrilling: a guest directing gig with the City Band during one of their concerts this summer.  I not only walked away with that but also a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant as well as a night’s stay at the Holiday Inn.  Unfortunately, I missed the voice I thought was to be on from 10-12 this morning.

This afternoon, I went to my niece’s 4th and 5th grade basketball game.  The game was thrilling in that it ended in overtime. Unfortunately, Elizabeth’s team came up a few points short.  What was even more (I’ll say) interesting was the opposing team’s coach.  She not only was off the bench yelling and screaming at the 9-10 year olds much of the time, but at one point, she went on the court and attempted to demonstrate to one of her players how to play the game.  For her efforts, the coach was given a technical foul.  Setting a good example for the young Catholic Schools teams.

Later, I went to mass and then met Megan for a walk.  At least the wind has died down considerably since Thursday.  We walked from her house to the Little Theatre where I picked up my items from the auction.  We made great time but by the time we reached the theatre we were quite welcome for the break and warmth inside.  After walking back to Megan’s place, I went to McDonald’s for a quick bite on my way home and some hot chocolate!

Here’s hoping that the theatre makes a bundle from the proceeds and puts it to good use.

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  1. One of *those* coaches… Some just give sports a bad name. I am glad your niece was not on her team. 😮

    I’m trying to picture you as a band conductor…

  2. Yes, a coach who was out for blood using 4th/5th graders. My uncle who coaches high school girls was in front of us just beside himself at the sheer gall of the woman.

    The gig this summer will be interesting but thrilling.

  3. I’ve always wanted to attend a city band concert, but never made it up there. Let me know the date as soon as you get it, and hopefully we can make that our first concert!!
    Chris did take time out of our Saturday to try to help the theater, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much for him to do – probably having to do with the fact that someone wouldn’t move from in front of the mic, but I shouldn’t say anything bad about anyone… Oh, and he was there to receive a dirty look when there was a complaint about the website he handed off to others to maintain… talk about gall – some people!!
    That poor basketball team – wonder what their turnover rate is – kids who quit because of her. That’s just sad.

  4. I will definitely tell you ALL when the time comes. I will expect a full crowd. But they are on Wednesday nights. Do you get the summer off from youth group?

    We won’t go into politics here… we can discuss later.

    I too felt for the girls. Wonder how such an overtly dramatic (I hesitated to use that description) person got the job.

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