Reading Dog?


Have you seen the dog who can read on the news lately?  The really cool-looking dog named Willow was on the Today show in October; here’s a snippet:

So  what’s your opinion?  Can he really read or is it much ado about nothing (ie, the owner is doing something else to signal the trick)?

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3 thoughts on “Reading Dog?”

  1. Well, I think I can say the dog certainly doesn’t read like we read. I do think it’s possible though that the dog has been trained to recognize the shapes of the words. As a whole, not the letters making up the words. Probably not easy to do, but she *is* 12 years old after all.

    Of course, it could still all just be a trick.

  2. My initial reaction was that there was some no verbal clue going on. The little dog did try to play dead before that card came up. Then it waved.

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