Controlled Chaos

The past two weeks have been filled with visitors from the north… 4 additional family members and the three of us makes SEVEN  plus more relatives and assorted friends and you get what can only be described as somewhat controlled chaos. (and that might be pushing it). Charnel, Rich, Kyli (age 2 going on 22), and Chloe (9 months) arrived the day after Easter from Alaska where Rich is stationed and is on leave from his deployment in Afghanistan.  I was asked if the noise kept me up at night… What noise?  I admit that I haven’t needed a traditional alarm clock for the past 14 days but I haven’t been awoken at all hours, either.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Dinner made by Rich’s bother.  Charnel and others wanted some fettucini alfredo with chicken and bacon.  I said that I would try it.  I took a little sample and as politely as I could decided to make a frozen pizza.  I’m usually open to new things but something about it just did not appeal to me.  I was amazed that my oldest brother (one of the pickiest eaters… second only to his oldest) tried some; not so amazingly, Jeff didn’t care for it, either.
  • Cosmic bowling while I watched kids.  Honestly, I did not think that the alley allowed children after a certain hour or I wonder if two of the four kids would have gone.  I decided to sit that one out to help watch the little ones so the parents could go to bed early.
  • Dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Apparently, they do not have them in Alaska.  Might they have an Alaska Roadside Igloo where the serve moose steak?  But 17 people with 7 little ones.  I felt sorry for our poor waitress… I gave a larger tip than I should have.  Ok… so there might have been a bit more involved than pity.  Peanut tossing by a BIG KID not me caused a bit of chaos before we were called to our table.

Well… the visitors are here until Wednesday… let’s see if more “controlled chaos” ensues.

8 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos”

  1. Sounds like fun! Good thing you tipped extra; kids are messy! Haven’t been to a steakhouse in forever, and I don’t think I’ve even been to a Texas Roadhouse. There are places around here that have good steak, so when I’m out in the big city, there is so much more to choose from. I miss Olive Garden, but they are too expensive to take kids and ALWAYS crowded and they don’t take reservations. Like the kids would sit and wait an hour for us to get a table even if we decided to splurge. We keep meaning to go for date night, but never get the chance…

  2. And here I thought bacon went with everything (except desserts!). Didn’t work for that dinner then, eh?

    17 people with seven young’uns? Peanut tossing? Yikes! I’m glad you gave the waitress a little extra.

  3. Derek’s comment reminds me of the Friends episode where Rachel tries to make a Thanksgiving dessert, but two pages of the cookbook are stuck together. She ends up making half of an entree and half of a dessert, and it’s gross. But of course Joey (the dumb, food loving character) likes it: “What’s not to like? Custard – GOOD! Fruit – GOOD! Beef – GOOD!” One of the best episodes!

  4. Right derek, I think that is what it was. I have had fetuccini with chicken before. I think the bacon added a weird sensation.

    Taylhis… the dimwit was always my favorite character. Struggling actor, hmm. Maybe that has something to do with it 😉

  5. The peanut tossing happened in the lobby while we waited for our table. Guests are allowed to eat peanuts from the barrel and throw the shells on the floor (unless the guest prefers to eat the shells). But there were peanuts at the table, too but I think the tossing stopped at the table.

  6. He thinks it WAS a cast party, D. Lots of steak houses have the throw the peanuts on the floor thing. I’ve never been to a Texas Roadhouse, but I’ve been to Lonestar – same thing. There is also a little cafe place close to here that has the peanuts – fun, especially with kids!!

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