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There are times I will recommend an author to someone just to make sure they read the whole series. Of course, I would recommend the complete “Lord of the Rings” books by Tolkien and The 7 Harry Potter books by Rowling. There are other authors I have talked about too.

My recommendation this week is not for a series of books, even though this author did have a few books that had a continuing story line. No, I started to read some of his other works, and I found them to be just as gripping as any other stories I read by him.

Look up the works of Sax Rohmer. He is chiefly remembered for his Fu Manchu stories, but he wrote other mystery novels that were as compelling. Stories are generally set in the early 1900’s through the 1930’s. This week I finished the stories “Bat Wing” and “Brood of the Witch Queen”. They are mystery/suspense stories with a little bit of the Occult or Voodoo thrown in. Both can be found at

I found that while I expected certain endings to both stories (I tend to do that reading mysteries), I was kept in the story by the plot and characters. I will be reading more of his books/stories in the future. I’m glad I took the time to examine his stories that did not involve Fu Manchu.

3 thoughts on “Not just one book”

  1. I’ve watched two really bad movies lately that involved voodoo; wonder if I’d like books any better. As soon as (if) I finish the Harry Potter series, I am anxious to get back to non-fiction. I always like to learn something when I read. I’ve read some really good non-fiction books, and I miss them!

  2. I am attempting to read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series from the start (I made it through about six books several years ago before I had to stop and just wait for all the books to be released due to my memory). I may have picked a bad time though as I have not been reading much lately.

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