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This week saw the departure of two very important people in the lives of each member of my family.  After only one year, Father Art Niewiadomski really made a name for himself in our community.  Unfortunately for all of us in the area, he needed to downsize as he has been in less than ideal health and returned closer to his home.  Sunday as the congregation was filing out, I shook his hand, thanked him, and wished him well.  He, in turn, thanked me and encouraged me to continue to use my “wonderful gifts” and talent.  In the past 30 some years, I have really known 5 of the priests who have come into and gone out of the parish.  Father Art was undeniably the most outgoing, down-to-Earth, not to mention musical of them all.  It was so awesome that he took the time after each mass or funeral I sang for to thank me and to tell me what a “nice job” I always do.  Very humbling and made me feel really good inside and only over the course of one year!  Bon Voyage, Padre may you find good health in your next endeavor and bring as much joy and faith to your next port of call!

This afternoon, Aunt Cathy left after a two-month visit to return to her home in California.  Her being here was a HUGE help as we continue to see Dad struggle with health concerns of his own.  She transported him to doctor’s appointments and ballgames (even when he did not want to go; he usually sat in the car at the little league games).  Cathy was such a help to my Mom especially by taking a bit of the load off her.  We all know that Dad is going to have his days.  Last night, most of the family came by for one last visit before sending Cathy off to Detroit Metro.  By the end of the evening, Dad was actually laughing!  I’m not sure what brought that about but it was good to see (even if it was strained).  Plus, I have been told that he is no longer under 24-hour surveillance.  He can be left alone if need be!  This will hep once Mom starts driving the school bus in the coming weeks and on days that I am at work myself.  But I pray that we all continue to be there for both of them and lift them up!  As a farewell gift, Aunt Cathy and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises which we felt was the purrrrrfect way to end the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman trilogy.

THANK YOU BOTH!  What a difference you both have made in such a short time!


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  1. I’m glad to hear your father is doing better. Spend what time you can with him- you never know how long you’ll have to do so.

    Looking at that sociable area at the bottom of your post really shows how few people actually run across this very small corner of the ‘net. Your post is nearly a week old (yeah, sorry about the late comment) and there are no tweets, likes, or g+es.

    Something tells me the intended recipients of my latest post will never see it…

  2. Well, it’s been difficult to see who makes new posts since there’s something up with the home page. Don’t think it’s a top priority to fix 🙂
    I comment on posts as soon as I can. Then there are times like this when I actually read this post several days ago but haven’t been in front of my comp since 🙂
    What a blessing it was for your aunt to be able to come and help out and spend time with your family.
    It’s sad to hear that Father Art seemed to bring many closer to God yet he is already leaving. But such are the workings of God’s plan sometimes – we don’t understand the greater good.

    1. Thanks taylhis! She really was a big help. I think the new priest is going to be good. Juding from his first mass, anyway. Wants to get know us all by name (even if it will take some time). Relatively young (in his early to mid 40’s), musically inclined. And quite tall! And already making his presence known in the community during the town Fest last weekend.

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