WHY Can’t Babies Go To The Movies?


Gonna climb upon a soapbox for a moment…

The families in Colorado who were involved in the shooting need prayer.  Probably one of the very last things they need right now is a network of UNsupport – people using mass media to put down the people involved and some of their decisions.  Mainly, I’m bugged by those who say things like, “What was a 3-month-old doing at a movie theater anyway?  Especially a MIDNIGHT showing of a PG13 movie??”

What’s wrong with taking a baby to a movie?  As long as the parent(s) willingly leave before the baby causes a disruption, then I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  I have 5 kids, none of whom have slept thru the night until they were over a year old (probably – my youngest is only 9 months old, but he’s the worst sleeper yet, so I’m guessing he won’t sleep thru the night until he’s a year).  So if I’m up at midnight anyway with the baby, I think it should be up to me if I want to spend my own money on a movie, knowing there is a chance that I won’t get to see the entire movie if I have to leave if the baby fusses.  Babies are not going to watch the movie; they’re not going to pick up any bad things from the screen at that age, and taking the baby to the movies late at night can actually be the ONLY time new parents can find to connect to each other while trying to balance the demands of parenthood and careers.

Or, take the situation of a big brother who REALLY wants to see the midnight showing of Batman.  Again, the parents feel they are going to be up anyway with the baby, so why not schedule in some family time at a most unusual, however more convenient, time.  Again, if kids (or babies) cause a disruption in the theater, they should be taken out immediately as a courtesy to others who have also paid to see a movie.

Well, that’s all I have time for now, just had to get that out – I just don’t see anything wrong with taking a baby to the movies, and it bugs me a tiny bit that people are so busy worrying about how others raise their children instead of getting out there themselves to improve our society’s crumbling family unit.  Please don’t attack the parents who are actually seeking to spend time with their children.

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for the gift of children.  We pray to you to continue to guide us to love them, to nurture them, and to lead them to you.  We pray for the comfort and healing of those involved in the Colorado shooting.  May they grow ever closer to you, Lord.  Amen.

4 thoughts on “WHY Can’t Babies Go To The Movies?”

  1. Beautifully stated! Social media… or maybe society as a whole should definitely more focused on the healing of the others affected by the tragedy instead of pointing fingers at how a three-month old is raised.

  2. I admit I have been avoiding watching the news on this so I was unaware of the 3-month-old or the complaints of said child. The media just latches onto tragedies like this and don’t let go until everyone is sick of it, and feeling guilty for being sick of hearing of the tragedy as the news goes into every detail, every angle.

    The complainers are undoubtedly not parents of infants so they either don’t understand or have long forgotten when they were parents. While not a parent myself (and likely never will be one) what you say does make sense. Thanks for prayer at the end- I fully agree with it and lift it up as well.

  3. Two of my FB friends that were agreeing with it are parents. One has a kid who is a little older now, but the other one has a 3-mo-old and an almost 2 year old, so I was just surprised to see other parents didn’t see eye-to-eye with me about the movie thing. Well, anyway… SO not what the tragedy is about… thanks for the comments 🙂

  4. Laughing at my own mistakes in my post:
    …complaints *ABOUT* said child. (not “of said child”)
    …long forgotten when *THEIR KIDS WERE THAT YOUNG* (replaces the ridiculously stated “when they were parents”)

    Well, you stated why you hold your opinion, so if they read it I’m sure they understand now (whether or not they still agree).

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